Facing the Book

8 thoughts on “Facing the Book”

  1. Very well written, Padmini. I read through your blogs and must admit have taken a liking to your style of writing.

    The solution to a problem is first the acceptance that the problem exists. How many among the addicts would accept they really are addicts?


  2. Although my answer was a Yes to your first question, i still wanted to read the whole write up.. You write so beautifully :).. Good job


  3. i kind of floating between YES and NO :D so read whole post…
    nice one… i have habit of keeping scrap thinking of doing something interesting/creative out of it… and did few things when i was child… after reading this wanted to do it again… :) i have few ideas …lets see… hoping to do that soon :)


  4. Really glad you kept reading even though it was a Yes/No scene :)
    Honestly, get back to what you did before with more time ‘off’ the book and honestly, your going to love it. It has been very very productive for me. Worked for me. Hence this scribble. :) Happy Creativeness ‘off’ the book :)


  5. Though, I belong to the first category I read the entire article and found it really really interesting and meaningful.


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