Smoking Smells & Stains

Today I almost suffocated and felt sick sitting in a place where a person was smoking all over the place.
Yeah bans are not meant to be adhered to here around where I live. Very bad I know.
But more than what would cause discomfort to me, I wanted to show ‘smokers’ what happens in your lungs when you are a punctual smoker.
You end up with
1. Bad Breath
2.It stains your lungs with big huge patches of ash and other ugly substances which naturally progressively mess your pulmonary(lung) tissue.

If you are the kind who argues ridiculously reasoning that there are smokers who lived healthy up to 90 years and died a natural death without things like cancer in their life, then please don’t cause passive smoking to non-smokers around you.

Thank you.

PS: The ridiculously large watermarks all over the pic are to prevent misuse. I shot these images with one pact with the hospital authorities that I would never use the images commercially since they were made out of surgeries from poor patients who were getting treated for free. Thank you for not misusing the image in advance.

  • Bharani

    Does that photot has any significance from the smoking perspective? I mean anythign bad is seen there which cannot be understood by non-medical people?

    I always tried to talk my friends out of smoking , succeded with couple of them but most of the times the other person does not bother – Sad truth.

  • jussri

    agree with your pov and here is the answer to your question.
    1.the left hand side of the image is the lung with ash all across it.patches of black colour.
    2.this image is of a 43 year old moderate smoker with multiple blocks in his heart’s. arteries. imagine chronic chain smokers.

  • jussri

    google for ‘smoker’s lung’

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