About Jussri


Was born Padmini Chennapragada.

Renamed SriPadmini Chennapragada. 

Chose to be Just Sri. 

So here is Jussri.com

Seven Eight Nine years back Years ago, Nature brought me close to photography. Ever since, Photography has been bringing me close to biographies. Once, I loved reading them and today I enjoy scribbling about them. Real biographies which will never become books and never make millions. Those biographies that define the India we are and the India we will be.

When I am appreciated for my scribbles, I know there are two people in my life who are smiling with their hearts.This is dedicated to them and a million others like them who live to let another human life live. Parents.

Life till today has been a huge assignment. There have been many learning experiences.My people have helped me retain humanism within me. Prayer and Resilience have been my biggest investments. The returns of all those investments is this beautiful opportunity called Jussri.com.

This blog is a continuous effort to spread all the goodness that I have learnt from life and it’s teachers. Many of them are my best friends 🙂

Yeah, I also love to capture your precious moments in life with my eye scribbles. If you love my scribbles feel free to invite me to your events

My special and heartfelt thanks to Mallik Nandanavanam for always pushing me to strive for the better than the best. Man, you’ve been an inspiration when it came to Jussri.com. Without you, this space would have never been born.

Update: 22nd June 2016: It has been over 8 years since I started blogging. Often very irregularly. Through this blog I have made great friends. Met some very interesting humans. If you read the blog and are curious what I do other than freely writing about how I experience life, please look here.

Photography & Me

Photographed by: Indumouli Vuyyuru

12 thoughts on “About Jussri

  1. AMAN GUPTA says:

    hello jussri mam photography was my passion also but due to some reason i didn’t make it my career which is make me so sad it’s my humble request that keep posting your thoughts inspired me so much


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