I Dream…I Wish…May b…


I wake up every morning with a hope that my day ahead would be the way I dream it can be….
Do I dream ???? ya I do 🙂

I dream of a day when i am free to interact with my faculty to talk of the subject,
I dream of a day i can voice my opinions against the so called “politics at work place”
I dream of a day i can be a part of something called a “research project” to invent a device that can judge if a member of the faculty is acting his or her place or they really do deserve it….
 I dream to be a HUMAN….
well you could be thinking what’s with this lady talking like a rebel ….ya i wish i was a rebel from the start…

I wish i was a brat who din respect their teachers and parents….

I wish i was indiscipined….

I wish i din give a damn if anyone was in troubles or hurt….


I was always taught and brought up with these kinda things in my life….
My parents still stick to it…. 🙂 ( I hate them for that)

“BE prepared for the tough things in life, so tht u cud face them in the eye and say u can’t take me down with u  ”
“Respect ur teachers, they r the GOD for u when u wanna b something in ur life, they teach u what life has taught them”

I tried living by these words …… I still believe in them…. may be some day i will get my answers….

but sometimes questions like this do pop up in my confused  head….

Why is this all happening to me?

I never misbehaved!

How is it that such highly educated and elderly people act so inhumanly and insensitive towards a 20 year old rather than help me??

May be I will have to wait for my day….

but I do sometimes realise and feel…..

Living life like a human has got nothing to do with being educated or scholarly….

Itz just the sense of dignity and the true spirit of being humans makes the likes of mother teresa, baba amte or the less known good samaritans around us daily….

May b am not the only one….(refer to the March 11th issue page  of THE HINDU’s city edition)….I was lucky… I wasnt harassed by the seniors neither by some psycho for some absurd reasons…here were the people whom I trusted revered and looked up the most to…WOMEN who were driven by I dunno what I could call…. EGOISM,COMPLEXITY( i wudn’t use the term had it not been told to me by a senior member of the management…) , hunger for saddistic politics( my seniors told me this:) )

OMG!!!! I thought, gimme a break… am only a 20 year old…. whtz all this against me….

every morning I wish I wud go to my study place with a open heart and see towards these so called ” scholars” with the same  dignity and respect that i used to give them before….

I somehow seem not to be abe to do it… May b GOD will gimme the strength….

the days go by for me with a hope that I will see better days in my workplace…..

May b itz just the words of my friend’s grandma tht ring in my years every time am frustrated ….

“There is Lord Srimannarayana looking upon all this and he wont deny justice to u ….”

I have an instant smile on my face everytime I remember this cute and “scholarly” 70 year old’s expression on the wrinkle filled face…

I know HE’s watching….HE’ ll rescue me…..May b…. I Wish ….I Dream


6 thoughts on “I Dream…I Wish…May b…

  1. You still haven’t got out of it??? Because I haven’t seen it I am probably unable to gauge how bad the real picture was.. but However so… are you ever going to let go or not? Haven’t you already got the feeling that there are better things in life to think and plan about? Anyway.. I would be glad if you took these words of mine in the right sense.. Take care and Good luck Padmini


  2. V N Rao says:

    bad days are god’s way of saying you can be better…only those who fought in life, could go so far, as to excel…keep going….u r a fighter, fight for success..


  3. Kalyan says:

    Hmmm… looks like a frustrated soul.. well bad things happen to every one… and its good to a certain extent that u got to experience all this horrible stuff early in your life.. it will make you strong and will teach you how to tackle it the next time you face similar situation.. I am not taking a philosophical stance here but thats how LIFE is… it sucks.
    Stop Living and Start Surviving.


  4. mallik says:

    hey sweety pie and future celebrity… It’s time to get ready to pose and campaign for the new entrepreneur!

    don’t worry…i will be there soon…aur dekhloonga kisko itana himmat hi apne sali ko sathane 🙂


  5. mom says:

    yes we said like that but how many teachers r like that?some times bad things will come across.during that time only our capabilities come out. god is there,he will look after.the time will come, be brave. people who trouble others will suffer one day .


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