What was her mistake ????

What can I call it? 

I wake up to the aroma of a home made handi biryani for the dinner.

As a common practice I go to switch on the tv to check the news updates.Well I think I have to confess one thing. It is really sickening to watch the regional news channels cash upon the harsh realities of life by repeat telecasts combined with ads interspersed amidst them.

Why do they do this? Dont these people deserve some respect towards their lives and the atrocities happening to them?

But the on going events of terror kept me glued to the channel to check if there is a holiday declared for tomorrow. 

Bang pops up the FLASH! scroll….” PREMA KU BALAI AARINA HARATHI ”

Watching through the bulletin the facts scare me out of my sleep.

The coming ten  minutes seemed like a horror filled hour for me watching through the video. 

The story of a 23year old HARATHI who died fighting for justice. 

It is one of those everyday happening stories in our country where the life of a common man is sacrificed to the flamboyant acts of the rich and famous. 

HOW she died?

WHERE she died no longer matters.


BUT Why wasnt she protected?

WHY were her repeated pleas for action against the accused ignored?


The accused is a Judge of a District Court in Andhra Pradesh

The channel claimed that the accused was placed under suspension since long but why isn’t it such a topic of discussion that crops up when the Prime Minister has a CTS surgery or when the Big B is hospitalised?

There are certain factors that include the attention that these issues attract …I agree with them. 


The charities they do…Fine 

But what was  this girl’s mistake?

Why didn’t she receive justice….

Why did she die with so much of suffering?

Staging bandhs and dharnas won’t bring HARATHI back to life.

The general perspective we have towards life has to change.

The way we look at our everyday challenges and problems has to change.

The fight has to start from us.

The spirit to fight against every atrocity small or big has to start from within us. The solution should be ours than looking for it from someone. 

That is when there will be a CHANGE.