Is Justice Delievered? How are we failing as HUMANS?

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Start of yet another sunday. Lazy from the early morning cold i switch on the tv to find news channels streaming videos of “an encounter” in which  three students are killed by the police.

Prompt reactions flood from the Human Rights Commission(HRC)-


What really scares me as a citizen of this country is the level of importance that is given to these issues!
What happened to the HRC when these girls were subjected to the acid attack and they lie in the hospital blinded and disfigured with pain and an unexplainable amount of pain and gony. Where were the oppositions when the girls were attacked in broad day light?

What is their(HRC) definition if protecting people’s rights?

The so called PEOPLE who really are opposing the police action of encountering the students , what is failing to make them understand that how much of time, energy and resources are wasted in carrying these “CULPRITS” around courts and feeding them three square meals a day ?

In which way is it wrong to deal with them in this manner. Yes I do agree there is something called LAW and ORDER, JUSTICE but how many of India’s population are getting an access to this system with out sacrificing their lives’ respect and earnign at the door steps of the so called “LAW ENFORCERS”

WHy is it that in a country where we emulate everything from building star hotels to creating scientific wonders, in competition to other countries that we fail to adopt “PUNISHING” systems that middle eastern countries practice?

Where are WE going wrong?

Where are WE as people of India working towards a better future for our coming generations?

I shall not talk of the atrocities towards women or take anyones side!

How FAR are we working towards creating a better society?

How FAR are we working to bring up our children with a CLEAN and BALANCED mindset?

What is the point in waging wars on nations to protect the boundaries when WE ourselves cannot ensure a safe neighbourhood around us?

We dont have to stage walks or fight on streets!

THINK , ANALYSE where we are failing as humans at every turn of life.

WHERE we behave in ways that have a profound impact on the thinking of the growing minds.

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