Of Bendakaais, Beerakaais and Vankaais…

🙂 how does it really feel to be jolted out a wonderful slumber on a beautiful rainy evening… TERRIBLE… and it happened to me today… I really never understand to why my mother thinks i relax too much in life 🙂 

she pulled me out of the bed to accompany her to the vegetable market!!! and ya i was loving it…the muddy puddles, adjoining fish market, the stinky rotting vegetables dumped everywhere! i was cursing myself badly and i had given enuf of looks to my mother who was oblivious of my anger.there was no point. i yielded to her demands and walked out of the car to carry the bags. I wasn’t at all liking it. 

Enter the market, CROWD!!! wow this was the icing on the cake! 

And what startles me is the way people carry their bags dropping them onto floor even without checking if someonez foot is under it…grrrr….. i had one aunty’s atleast 10kg shopping bag on my foot for a minute atleast till she finished with her fight for a torn five rupee note. 

I sometimes feel may be GOD customizes the situations for me with a secret “lesson of life” weaved in it 🙂
I really love my mother’s dedication when it comes to shopping for vegetables. She goes around the market for a survey first, then comes the second round when she will shop for all the big and heavy veggies and then the leafy veggies at the last ( she doesnt want the leaves to have creases or get broken under the heavy veggies- note tht when u go shopping next time )  

one round through the entire market,  i was done and totally off… hungry …exhausted…

One turn around the bendiwala, i came across this ten year old doing his homework under the lightbulb and he was lending a hand to his handicapped father to sell  potatoes. The scene made me stop and have a look.I was so ashamed for a minute. What was i complaining for? 

We moved on..from then on I looked at every seller with more intent. Every seller’s face looked as though it has a story to tell. Every face that looked at me was asking me What was I complaining against in life???

I dint have to wait for the rains ,

I dint need to wait for the officials to open the market gates every morning to sell my crop,

The political scenario and crash of money market never decided my meal frequency….

May be I have become too philosophical in life for all that God blessed me with!

Call it anything, but I say I have got BETTER with everything.I am a BETTER human today and i dedicate all the best things that happen to me today to all the problems that made me THINK!!

Problems that made me THINK…

Problems that  made me BETTER… 🙂


12 thoughts on “Of Bendakaais, Beerakaais and Vankaais…

  1. i could relate to it when u were talking about waking on a cloudy evening…. I go through the same thing!

    and it was very touching.. the market experience.. I hate going there too..

    It is a very good piece.

    PS: I am guessing you are Telugu, aren’t you?


  2. Rao says:

    I would certainly like to go market shopping for farm fresh veggies..:)
    cook fresh veggies into a typical south indian meal….hmmm…yummy yummy…i am up for it anytime 🙂 you are a lazybug…and certainly not a food connoisseur :))


  3. Kalyani says:

    Hey Padmini! Nice post..

    This is Kalyani from LFHS (not sure if you remember) Don’t ask me how I ran into your blog.. that is too big a story to put down in a comment 😀


  4. If I say it’s a great blog, that would be simply insufficient like if I accept you being lazybug would be unfair. You are a great person. With a breezing fresh mind full of amazing thoughts.
    You have an uncanny ability of psychic and astrologer. Why not try hand at it?


  5. Well put! “Vairaagyam” puttindi antaaru… that is nothing but intense deliberation about life’s subtleties. Alaage, oka manishi vedaantam maatlaadtunnaadu ante, it just means that he/she grasped all the ‘saaram’ of Vedas. He/she may not have studied the Vedas, but various experiences in life train one to realize one’s own self. You are right on the steps of the temple of learning called life. Way to go!
    (koddiga philosophy ekkuvaithe kshaminchaali)


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