Time and again Music!!!

Morning 5:30 AM

Lazy bones wakes up to drive mom to the stadium for her morning walk. Only solace is Suprabatham played in 92.7 Fm @ about 5:50. What a peaceful thing to listen to early in the morning…

Mom alights from the car to go on with her walking session. Lazy bones settles backs on a cozy pillow with reclined seat and fresh early morning breeze minus the pollution with a bonus of bird’s chirping. Lost in the magic of MS’s beautiful rendition I was experiencing an amazing sense of relaxation. The suprabatham is over and then begins an absolutely ridiculous rap song . No offence to the rap song rendition or artists who perform rap. I do like it too. But the most hapless part of the entire song was that the song was a rap- remix of “Aha na pelli anta” song from the all time classic “Maya bazaar” . The anger and irritation that started at that minute for me made me start writing again today after a very long time. That way I am thankful to that poor guy who calls himself the ‘music director’ of that movie in which this remix was included.

Rap music is one form of rendering rhythmic rhyming words in a specific pattern. And I am myself a big fan of lot of those works which I have usually come across in many movies. But the most sad part of the Indian Movie industry is they make such a terrible adaptation of music from other countries and cultures that the original artists would hang their heads in shame.

The one that our ‘telugu’ music director did with the time less classic was an absolute ruining of the master piece along with making rap music sound like some gibberish. Is it the desperation to popularize their work  in one way or the other? or is it to make themselves heard? I feel all these new generation music directors who make a futile attempt at creating some thing new, are people who want to scream on the top of their voices and want themselves to be popular.

What we need is some innovation and not imitation!

What we need is some sensible music not some screaming!!

What we need is some ‘music’ not some madness!!!

I hope i will continue to write again and again till that guy stops making these kind of disastrous attempts ever again.. Hope it reaches him!!!

PS : I like to keep my writing short. 😀


6 thoughts on “Time and again Music!!!

  1. Vamsi Illindala says:

    Well put! I’ve been thinking about these “adaption” patterns of the Indian (esp. telugu) film industry. I guess it manifests itself in what we (Indians) do–copy the processes that have brought success to others. Now I need not elaborate on the engineering-and-medical-schools rhetoric. But the film makers and “music directors” also seem to be creating work simply because a specific formula had worked for them (or others) in the past. Simple reason, all of us understand that. I watched a movie called “prasthanam” recently. The core part of the movie was brilliantly taken with some great performances from Sai Kumar et al. But the director put all the other elements of a ‘successful’ commercial movie, i.e., heroine, songs, useless characters, and did some poor editing and made it a 2.5hrs movie. A terrible waste of talent and resources.

    Simply put, I personally think the commercial aspect of song making and movie making (or anything for that matter), makes these people do what they do. That is what stops them from aiming for perfection!

    I think my comment is as long as your article. I like to keep my writing long 🙂


  2. annonymous says:

    I think there is too much spare time for the current generation hope they learn what hard work is from their parents and spend time on writing learning something meaning ful n usefull for the society.there is too much hype n hypocrisy and less value in the article.don’t waste space on the web,save it for something useful to society where ppl can learn n not just read criticism. I think this message reaches the author.


  3. @annonymous( I am so sorry I didn’t want to change the spelling of your name ) LOL!!

    First of all thank you. I pity your state of mind. You can barely spell words right and you are lashing out so discreetly at my work. Had your comment been so worth a while you wouldn’t be so scared that you ended up posting an anonymous(this is the spelling mate!) comment. 🙂 Good Luck Grow Up!!!


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  5. Hi,

    I totally agree with your article. The remixes and rap versions are ruining the originality of the songs which are unforgettable. In the first instance, one feels a change hearing it. But one can’t hear it always. Specially, I prefer listening to original music. There is no harm in rap music and remixes, but melodies shouldn’t be ruined like this. Article was really convincing. Keep it up.



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