Art & Heart

“No greater responsibility or obligation can fall to the lot of a human being than to become a physician .In the care of the suffering ,(the physician) needs technical skills , scientific knowledge and human understanding….”
These lines will remain etched in my memory for ever. I first read them on the wall of the CTICU on my first day of  posting as an Intern in the Cardiology  Department. Seeing them printed and mounted on the wall of a CT Surgeon’s room, inspired me in having hope on my ideas of health care . As a part of our training program to be physical therapists, we are permitted to attend and see a live cardiac surgery. The first cardiac surgery I attended not only left me awestruck but kept bringing one question to my mind.
Why havent I seen these images in my text books and references?
Cardiac surgeries are art and expertise, mixed with compassion for a human life and passion for science. This was my first impression of a cardiac surgery. I saw that the work required a lot of precision and concentration . But the team never missed their share of humour or fact sharing during the surgery. In my course of talk with the team, I could conclude that they attributed the entire credit of their joy to their Chief who was so down to earth in his demeanour.
All my life I yearned for opportunities that let me combine my skills  in both medicine and photography
A second chance to attend another surgery gave me a chance to ask sir for his permission to document the surgeries.
A ready approval combined with  an encouraging smile became one of my initial  investments for this project. Once a dream is now a reality . I can only offer my most humble salutations and regards to Dr Vijay Kumar sir for letting this book happen.
Often during my preparation of this book I was asked what was the purpose of this book. Education and medicine are two fields which will co-exist like Air and Life for this world to continue. I hope this miniscule effort am making for that purpose, will be helpful to students and teachers in making  medicine a more interest and joy filled subject to learn about.

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