Barbies and Babies..

This is one gift that I will cherish all my life. My dad brought it for me when we went to Delhi some time in the 1990s..Last century. πŸ™‚ I quickly grabbed two candids before I left home last December. Both the date and the doll are so special to me. Good sweet memories of life is all I can say. What the doll’s wearing is a pair of clothes my mom stitched for her course work in Fashion Designing some time in 1990s again. Β 


6 thoughts on “Barbies and Babies..

  1. hyndhavi says:

    hey….. shri….ask ur mother to start her fashion designing once again……. no one knows she may do miracles


  2. Veda says:

    Love it!! i think barbies are girls best frends.. even i had many barbie dolls when i was a small girl!.. and my mom used to stitch many miniature gowns for it too.. :).. so me n my barbie had similar dresse πŸ˜› funny but really cherish those moments..


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