Hurry Currys

Starting with this photograph will be a series of recipes that I learnt from all the great cookery geniuses of my family . My grandmom to my sister and at times my niece! 😉   I wish to call them the Hurry Curries or Pack Snacks…

All that you need for this curry is ,

10 minutes, some tomatoes, onions ,

a bottle gourd(can be replaced by Ridge Gourd or any vegetable which is rich in water content),

a non stick pan(specially if you are a guy and if you are good at burning food),

2 tea spoons of oil( because water based vegetables take too little oil for cooking),

salt and pepper to taste.

Fine chop them the way you brain wants. Fry and wrap up in anything you want. You have your Hurry curry and snack ready..

Happy Snacking…


2 thoughts on “Hurry Currys

  1. dad says:

    this is a good extra curriculam to enjoy….but understand not only westners but lot of indians also may visit your site and such people will highly appreciate your giving the common indian name either in hindi or your own mother tounge.


  2. Sure pops, I shall make sure to include the english names! rather, the names that people use in the markets here..thank u for checking on my updates regularly..


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