My Dear Indians,

Today morning I received a mail from one of my friends about Shri Anna Hazare. To keep my writing crisp and to drive my point home , I will not be writing about the life of Shri Anna Hazare here. You can read a lot more in detailed about his life and works at ANNA HAZARE’S WEBSITE.

I read through the simple mail. It talked about Hazare’s current struggle to get the anti- corruption fight in India to a new level. Despite echoing the sentiments and opinions of millions of other Indians right now about the entire movement, I feel it is really important for things to begin at the grass root level too.

Anna Hazare’s work has been published in media since many years. I last remember reading an article about him when I was in my 7 th grade. The model village that he built was the cover story of India Today in the 90s .

He built a model village with self sustainable energy resources decades ago when electronic media was far from even reaching all the cities evenly . I believe his idea was to show to Indians that ,

Villages are indeed the back bone of India.

Why wasn’t that village adopted as a model and why weren’t more such villages made?

What can be done to begin things at grass root level?

  • Make sure to begin avoiding bribes at all levels( Even if they affect the essential things that you need to get across in your everyday life)
  • Be sure to share your experiences in refusing to pay bribes  on social networking.
  • Let more people promote the narrations so that more people can begin implementing it.
  • Effectively use MEDIA and it’s services. Get the media to cover  local news where people avoid  to pay bribes.
  • If you belong to the local association for colony or community welfare in your residential area, make sure to begin awareness programs for your community members to understand the gravity of the situation and the need of their support.
  • Be shameless in begging your friends and family to support and promote the experiences so that more people can be made socially aware.

No movement or initiative is SMALL.

Make sure to give in your little bit of help in any form to bring a social change beginning from today.

The need of the hour is Grass root level initiatives and remembering the age-old adage,

Boondh boondh se banthi hai sagar!!



5 thoughts on “My Dear Indians,

  1. dad says:

    good one….keep the spirit up…..lets start our work by not getting tempted to pay and get things done illegally and also let us send this to all our frineds and relatives…..

    keep it up….


  2. arun kanth says:

    well said., wht abt ppl like “Irom Sharmila” also known as the Iron Lady of Manipur, think abt it.,.,


  3. I have read about her in the past too. However I could relate to this issue more than anything else. If we look at the current times in India, there are a lot of activists who are trying to do their little bit for the causes they think are right.
    Like I said, if every citizen tries to live by the rules of law, I dont think we need new laws and new committees.


  4. arun kanth says:

    i agree.,

    no one thinks wt dey do is wrong., or else twin towers would not be ground zero., mumbai attacks, gokul chat bandar..etc
    ‘being human’ ..humanity wt abt tht ? r laws or rules going to help tht..?
    if so ppl like Dr. Sunitha Krishnan nvr exits then…


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