My Strength & Me

Dedicated to the strength that let me keep my creativity alive in the most adverse conditions of my life 🙂 was the result of the endurance I learnt during those times…Wish to keep it going always..


4 thoughts on “My Strength & Me

  1. Pranitha says:

    You made me just dumbstuck with ur first article..I didnt find a space to leave comments/compliments…Sometimes I used to feel am I the only one who gets these thoughts…Am I alone in this Planet to feel like this…for sure no…there are people like you who spoke my/our words…Yes Padmini…will share stories for sure…You gave me a punching thought now to start a blog…I did once but never had energy/enthu to keep it going…
    Put me first in your great fans list…yes nothing wrong in admiring people whose thoughts inspire us…



  2. It gives me so much courage and encouragement to read the feed back of friends like you Pranitha. I am glad you have been able to connect to my thoughts and want to start writing soon. All the best Pranitha 🙂


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