NIDIA 3 – Braving to Share

I am not an avid blogger. But when something inspires me to write, I don’t want to be lazy and lose that inspiration. The people who have walked into my life have been the biggest inspiration for me always. At times I am inspired by nature. There are many times when I want to write about something, and I don’t find the motivation to do it . All that I do at that time, is to just keep reading quotes endlessly because they are the words of real people in real situations. May be I can say quotes are my Muse.

A couple of weeks ago when I was travelling from one new place( which I currently call my home) to another new place I encountered a situation that gave me 12 hours all to myself to just do nothing but think or watch movies. Long story in short, I missed my connecting flight to my destination and spent 12 hours in an airport lounge.  One thing on this earth that can like give me FEAR is Thunderstorms. And here I was alone during a thunderstorm, stranded in an airport where I never was before.

Preceding this was the flight journey during which I thought I was almost going to get killed in a flight crash! The way the flight swayed was lot scary than seeing a lizard from 1 inch distance.  It is with these situations that I began to see life from a wider perspective about the way it unfolded in front of me for the last 4-5 years.

A lot of people commonly use the phrase, being philosophical. For me ,

Philosophy of human life  = lots and loads of common sense + little tiny miny bits of humanism. ( Money, success and happiness with follow in line after the first two variables. I call them variables because not every one has the same equation and at various phases of life, the variables you substitute keep changing.If you are some one who is not changing the variables, you have to be on that flight I was!!! Certainly! worth it because you will start re-considering the way you’ll see your current life)

Like everyone I have seen tough times in life,

I walked the less taken paths.

Like everyone I fought for my rights,

I talked the forbidden words.

I made some perfect mistakes in life. I trusted the most trust-unworthy women for friends,

I never listened when people told me diplomacy is very essential in life.

I failed badly in many things I loved to succeed in.

I repeatedly lost  everything I wanted to be a winner in.

Nothing in this world stopped for me. No one stopped.

Like there is sunshine after every rain, I began seeing light too and here I am today talking about it openly because I think it will help someone when they read it.

I had a strength that stood behind me, pushed and proded me to be better with my each effort. Lot of human beings refuse to accept giving the strength a name or form. For me the strength has both name and form.

I meet so many people who are in situations that I was once in. Often they give up and take the easier way out. It certainly is easy and gives more happiness. But how long will the happiness be is the ultimate question we have to ask ourselves.

Will that happiness and relief help you be a person whom your peers will look up to for inspiration to do finer things of life?

Will it help you have clarity on the confusions life will crop up towards you in future?

The solutions and decisions both  lie with in us.

What will make us special is not in never making  mistakes.

Making perfect mistakes, yet rising up to be the perfect solutions for the mistakes we once were, will make us special.

I receive kind words from faceless names/e-mails/social networking accounts appreciating the way I talk about life. I thank you all for such kind appreciation and have a small request to ask for. If you were able to win life’s little challenges, be proud to talk out about them. You never know who is falling in love with your story, and what it is inspiring them to do in Life. So be brave to share.


16 thoughts on “NIDIA 3 – Braving to Share

  1. Pranitha says:

    You made me just dumbstuck with ur first article..I didnt find a space to leave comments/compliments…Sometimes I used to feel am I the only one who gets these thoughts…Am I alone in this Planet to feel like this…for sure no…there are people like you who spoke my/our words…Yes Padmini…will share stories for sure…You gave me a punching thought now to start a blog…I did once but never had energy/enthu to keep it going…
    Put me first in your great fans list…yes nothing wrong in admiring people whose thoughts inspire us…



  2. Anonymous says:

    You said a lot and revealed less, which is making me curious. I am left with thoughts and willingness to fight.

    Thank you


  3. Padmini !!

    Firstly I’d want to appreciate you for being outspoken, which actually a lot would hesitate to be like.

    Reading every word down the line, I could see a real shadow of my own self. I do write on my blog like you, but these days my worries, and current situations are resisting me from penning down my thoughts.

    Now, I firmly have to say that You have been my inspiration to make a come back.

    You truly have lifted my spirits and have thrown some light in my dark times.

    Yes, I’m gonna do it from now.

    Keep going !! Keep writing !! Good Luck 🙂


  4. hanuja says:

    i think we are sailing on the same boat at this point of time padmini. the two qualities that you chose as variables for human life should actually be accompanied by an even greater quality of human values which is a constant not a variable. if a person has these three the so called success, money everything will follow…
    and about writing stories guess i should do that too.


  5. Sadia says:

    hey dear its really very very nice n glad to read dis bcoz it describes abt me as well in some lines, very happy to see dis thanks dear


  6. Raji says:

    Very nice and you clearly say what is there in your mind…i really liked the way u narrate ur thoughts…

    Wish You Good Luck On All Your Endeavours…



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