Faces I Framed

Wagah Border 2009

Those countless nights of fights,
And endless days of fright.
All the guarding that you do,
And the feel of freedom that is true,
Is there a better way we can care,
For all the help that you share.

On this August 15th seeing so many of ‘happy’ messages being exchanged, my heart goes out for those soldiers who died fighting for us even after India attained ‘Independence’. Respecting free human spirit which is devoid of strife or hatred is all that independence is about. Hope more sense prevails..


3 thoughts on “Wagah Border 2009

  1. DAD says:

    good and nice….why don’t you try and make another one with more details and write up and dedicate to all those armed forces, police and all law protecting agencies
    who are sparing their lives, their families welfare to enable the crores of population who are able to do their activities normally and have a good night’s sleep.



  2. X says:

    Sometimes it pains to know that scant respect is shown both by the general public and the Government to these men , who voluntarily are ready to lay their life when the need arises. I sometimes think whether the saying holds water in our country
    A SOLDIER IS FALLEN BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. To be a superpower, military might is also necessary for any country, since primary duty of armed forces is to be a deterrence than a fighting machine.
    Appreciate your dad’s concern


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