When Old strikes Gold

Photograph Location: Philadelphia Downtown
Date: One silent summer day.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself to write for quite sometime now. There is no dearth of time these days. Yet the final push to write comes when something moves me out of my mental slumber close to reality. Today is just one of those days.
I find great relief in music and the range of my choice in music is hugely contrasting. A minute of classical music and may be the next hour after that will be some really beautiful Spanish music. I feel really good to even notice that my thoughts and opinions have a connection across so many years. This is what I wrote sometime ago, about my choice of music. (2 years ago)

What brings me back to blogging today ?
I listen to MS Subbalakshmi and K Viswanath’s movie songs, (minimum two of them) at least once in 24 hours.

Today it happened to be a song called, ‘Koluvai unnade’ from the movie Swarna Kamalam(means The Golden Lotus in Telugu). This song is a directorial and lyrical master piece. The protagonist in the movie is a highly gifted, yet reluctant dancer. She always envisions herself in a highly stylish job. She hates to dance. The director of the movie is a genius. He presents through this movie the moving narrative of a woman who fails to see her natural gift of talent and who is drawn towards materialistic things in life. How she discovers herself through the wonderful art of music and dance forms the essence of the entire movie. This particular song draws all my attention because of it’s visual simplicity and lyrical opulence. The most minimally expensive set and costumes, yet making a ‘rich’ statement towards art and attitudes! This song drew my attention towards another reality in life.
Often times in life, man is drawn towards amassing huge amounts of ill-acquired wealth and living an over luxurious lifestyle.But I am shocked looking at the ‘small’ attitudes these humans carry towards little joys of life. They can’t share and enjoy little laughs. They cannot appreciate little things that some one around them does. They cannot keep life simple because at every turn of life, it’s their fear of losing their carefully built opulence and richness. Well! opinions vary and attitudes vary too! I agree!

What convinced me that this observation about life had a chance to true?
Today, I had a helper at home who dusted, cleaned and made our home look like a brand new mirror. πŸ™‚ She was really a great help. She was obese and had difficulty even walking. Yet she worked meticulously. I have this ‘bad habit’ of talking to people and engaging in cheerful conversations. Specially if I know the person is from a different cultural back ground.She talked a lot about her life.

When she got to leave, she looked at me and smiled.I instantly recognized this smile.This smile is so universal. I saw these smiles from a lot of patients that I previously worked with as a therapist.

Life’s never about living rich,
It’s about giving rich.
Happiness is never about taking over,
It’s all about giving cover.
Joy is never about building and collecting,
It’s all about stacking and protecting.

What we have with us today is a legacy of culture and values that shouldn’t be lost and forgotten with passing times.I am glad that my upbringing as a human,helped me retain this understanding of life.

By the way her name was Suzie. She comes from Chihuahua, Chihuahua,Mexico.
She was 4 feet 9 inches tall and gave me a wonderfully loving hug while leaving my home πŸ™‚ I know a lot of people who would have loathed at the scene of me hugging a sweaty house help. But for me her smile and kindness were pure bliss.
I never knew her before, but I will remember her forever πŸ™‚

Why did she give me the kind hug and blessings while leaving?
All that I gave her was a patient hearing of two hours, little bit of kindness and lots of smiles and ummm, ahaa, ok! in understand your problems! I certainly cannot imagine the magnitude of her problems. I can never even help her. But I definitely made her understand that she was not alone in her problems and that every one had their own share of problems in life. I told her about my problems and she was like oh! good Lord! I am so sorry for you.
These bear hugs from strangers(to whom I listened to during my travels), my old patients and predominantly from people of older generations always assure me one thing. Kindness minus the disparity of class still exists in today’s world. And it’s definitely not harmful to be kind towards humans around you. All that you need is a smile and little patience. My smile and patience let me tide past the most toughest times I could ever imagine.

For me, old definitely strikes Gold.