Heroes and Heeras

Location: Texas & Hyderabad
Time: Across the last 8 months

Today I write about two heroes I met . I will call them Heera one and Heera two.

Heera in Hindi means Diamond.Often used in India as a synonym to best(child/son/daughter when praised)

All the heroes of my blog will always be anonymous.Anonymity is a dangerous thing to employ because it leads to unnecessary curiosity. I have a simple reason for using it.

Heroism requires courage .
Courage dissipates a lot of energy.
The first thing a victorious person wants to do is enjoy the success in solitude.Imbibe as much energy as they can from the nature around them and then wait for their next crusade.

Most of my heroes live in creative solitude. At times, I just love to stand by and watch them enjoy their creative craziness. And that is the only time I so dearly wish to help that craziness get more crazy so that I see the most astounding work of art.

Several months ago, I met Heera one , a ‘young’ lady who changed the way I looked at one thing in life. Courage. I often thought courage was being fearless. Meeting this person made me understand a whole new meaning of courage. The story of her life proved to me that courage was just not being fearless, but fighting that fear. And fighting till you can kill the source of that fear.

It is common these days to hear about divorce and harassment stories. Hence no descriptions here. Heera one lived in a horrible environment and survived it. I wonder looking at her today if she is real or she’s some illusion in front of me. She lived on. Never gave up.Today she is a larger than life image of patience and perseverance in women for me.

Fast forward those ‘several’ months and yesterday I met Heera two, another ‘young’ girl who has survived a similar nightmare in India.Survived is a very insensitive term to even describe her victory over the marital cruelty that she went through. What she lost in that battle is still evident on her face.The chirpiness of her soul.Talking to her makes me understand another reality of life. When there is a problem and a human is a survivor, there are questions.

Questions which demand answers, yet not believed in.

Cutting out the details, I could classify humans into the following categories :

The curious questionnaires
The insensitive instigators
The ‘no-nonsense, go fight for yourself’ titans
And the last but never the least, sympathy showering loved ones.

The most over rated of all these categories are the last kind who shower love to only worsen the matters.

Heera one fought, survived, waited for the best days and made the most hay when the summer lasted.Heera two survived but lost herself in the chaos because there were too many people around her who seldom helped her realistically and regularly bothered her meaninglessly.

Where lived Heera one ?
She lived in the US

Where lived Heera two?
She lived in India.

India is a country where cultural roots are equally rewarding and punishing.The changing times still fail to make people see life from a practical perspective. Stuck to old age norms and methods, women are still subjected to all sorts of experimental approaches towards life.

Today when I look at these two heroes, I am proud to be born as a woman. But I feel bad to be still in a part of the society where making choices or surviving challenges are still probed, questioned and discussed with no obvious benefits to both the heroes or the debaters.

What happens when I scribble about this?
I see the heeras smiling at both this article and me, asking me a mute question.

Will humanity ever learn humanity?


13 thoughts on “NIDIA 9

  1. Roan,
    Thanks a ton. to publish a book???hahahaha..the poor me looking for a rich generous sponsor on a lookout for one.. I really wish to write abook man on day


  2. “India is a country where cultural roots are equally rewarding and punishing.”- If this is the voice of today’s young gen in India,how pathetic.
    In today’s India, cultural roots are understood with half baked knowledge and applied to many a stupid situation.
    To really follow the culture, minus the superstitions and nonsense that creeped in recent years, we need to thoroughly understand and respect the basics !
    It is not the country, it is the perverted and materialistic minds !


  3. $udhakar says:

    You should write regularly….. God bless you

    “Heroism requires courage .
    Courage dissipates a lot of energy.
    The first thing a victorious person wants to do is enjoy the success in solitude.Imbibe as much energy as they can from the nature around them and then wait for their next crusade.”


  4. Pranitha says:

    Padmini garu,

    this isnt fair…this isnt complete…you need to write more…I expected more to read of both the heroes…more in detail about the regions, circumstances conditions etc., and ponder over it…
    You need to for sure think of writing a book…or become a life coach…guru sort of…am not going overboard praising or something…I MEAN IT…


  5. Pranitha,

    One thing that closely bonds me with all these people who inspire me is their genuineness. Too much attention and detail about their lives takes away their privacy. I don’t want to do that to them. The stories are sad and painful. I want my blog to spread as much positiveness as possible. Hence the anonymity . And about the last few lines you’ve written, very kind of you. But I definitely don’t see myself ‘guru’ ing some one 🙂 . I have my own gurus too. I write , they don’t 😉


  6. Pranitha says:

    Padmini garu,

    I dont know if you dont consider yourselves anything…but I did get benifited by being to this blog regularly and I need a lot more from you…thats for sure…


  7. Padmini says:

    🙂 Thank you Pranitha. I agree that I have to write more. But for now, the materialistic world is pushing my creative world out for sometime. Definitely wish to get more regular.


  8. Anonymous says:


    By chance I landed at this page … your blog is always like a story board with personal encounters and inferences accompanied by melancholic flow of words . You remind me always that life is about happiness derived from small events .

    Even I know a Heera, who all ways wavers . You have a gift of writing and am waiting for this Heera to realize its potential and shine

    Anonymous as always


  9. X says:

    Most of us forget that COURAGE IS NOT HAVING THE STRENGTH TO GO ON…. IT IS GOING ON WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE THE STRENGTH. You have a flair for writing. gifted should say.


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