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Time: Summer 2011 and Today

The number of people who read a book is directly proportional to the degree of simplicity the book carries..

Why write of simplicity today?

Last week I met some one who is very simple yet stupendous.
If there is one person I have met in flesh, who can kick your spirit to start loving simplicity. It is this person.

Last month I turned 25. My siblings gifted me Steve’s biography.I assume what a lot of us love about Steve is his ‘simplicity of design’ in making Apple products. His book looks the exact sibling of any Apple product. Simple yet classy. I remember reading in it:

When you think something is complex, that means you have not understood it well enough.

These lines are from Einstein’s biography that the same author has written too. The author draws an analogy between these lines and Steve’s initial ideas about design and electronics. I believe since Steve got his foundations for passion strong and right at the same time, he ended up enchanting the world with his innovations. Here I was looking at a very similar person in the field of fitness and rehabilitation.

Simple.Fitness.Complex.Science.This is how I want to arrange the key words for this blog.

Simplicity is rare to find these days.Specially when there is an over load of information, complexity becomes a close cousin.Fitness is one such domain.Despite having a professional degree in a related field, I have always been in search of one professional (or organisation) who would have a ‘ holistic’ approach towards fitness as a science.Again, holistic is an over used, less implemented term in fitness and rehabilitation as I have noticed across these years. I agree there are scores of people across the world who are amazing professionals when it comes to the fields of fitness and rehabilitation. But when I mention a country like India, being ‘one’ among those hundreds is an amazing feat.It is like beating against all odds to be a champion.And here was this person who was smiling his way through the entire complex thing of fitness and rehabilitation like a breeze.

Having followed updates of this person over the internet for years, getting to see him in person has been a truly humbling experience. Living in the US, and seeing how people consider fitness to be a part of their every day life has been a huge learning experience for me. When I try drawing a parallel between both the scenarios, the Indian and the American(rather Western) way of fitness, I have a huge chart of differences and commons between both the worlds. I have been one of those hundreds of students and professionals in India who have always been on a look out for an excellent medium to learn from.

Weighing and balancing the existing differences is the only point where I think, this person has hit the right cord.He pounds the entire essence of fitness into such simple terms that they make sense to a completely illiterate person too.

I feel relieved to know that there is a professional place in Hyderabad to turn to for fitness and rehabilitation.
Well, I think India’s fitness and rehabilitation industry is blessed to have SPARRC around.

SPARRC is the brain child of Mrs Sujatha Pugazhendhi and Dr. Kannan Pugazhendhi, a well known Sport Medicine practitioner from India.

I have been in contact with SPARRC’s staff for over a week to co ordinate my mother’s treatment schedules. I am amazed at the professionalism they exhibit as Physical Therapists or Trainers. Well, it might be a matter of surprise to a lot of my readers when I say I am amazed. Let me explain.

Over the years, I have experienced a burning need for India to embrace professionalism in medicine and related fields both as a citizen and young professional.The wait has been painfully long to see such an organisation in Hyderabad.It has been like sitting in Hyderabad and eating a cold, bland, Hyderabadi Biryani on a festival day and still not being able to kill the cook.

Today, when I see a progress in the rehabilitation scenario, I want those efforts to be lauded instantly.

And when I write here as a NIDIA, I am grinning greedily that India still holds hope in making a mark in the Olympics some day soon, thanks to people at organisations like SPARRC.

PS: Cycling is an excellent way of fitness. And Hyderabad is lucky to have HBC


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  1. Guru Chai says:

    Simplicity to steve Jobs to fitness. That’s quite a transition. 🙂 Good post.

    Out of curiosity, what does NIDIA mean? Is it just an anagram of India or does it mean something else?


  2. Pranitha says:

    padmini garu..

    I was thinking NIDIA was an anagram as Chaitanya mentioned…came to know what it means now. Interesting!!!


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