I care and share.Do you Dare?

OD & HRD-Pimples & People
Location: India
Time:Last month of the most holy year I ever had in my life. Truly humbling and gyaan giving year of lifetime.

I know I have been away for a very long time. Situations fire my thoughts and I feel a strong need to write instantly. But I stay away. I am a serious believer in responsible journalism. And I don’t want to WUI (Write Under Influence). And today I see it pays to be patient.

As a photographer when I captured the images of women, I wondered why some of them had so much make up on their faces which were really pretty minus the make up.The reasons vary and are not important except for one. Pimples. The newly arrived ones need less make up and less hiding. The chronic ones need unbelievable amount of what ever those powders and pastes are called.

The more these women tried to hide their pimples, the less they looked like themselves. The adding layers of powders and pastes made their skins look smooth, but their features seemed less like them.As time progressed from minutes to hours, there would be a growing restlessness in trying to get the make up off and let the skin breath free.

Why were there pimples at all?
Many physiological and pathological reasons exist(you can find them on google)
In common man terms, because there are impurities in the blood, they are showing up on the skin.
What is the treatment?
Best medical practitioners always treat the ‘source’ of the symptom than the symptom itself.So the ones who could get rid of their pimples were the ones who learnt to identify the cause and treat it.
The ones who failed in ‘treating’ pimples are the ones who are left with scars today. Scars which are bad enough to rattle the confidence about their appearance and life.

Life’s another lesson taught me to make this analogy.

OD and HRD together are equivalent to the relation that people and pimples share with each other. A budding problem in an organization is equivalent to an imbalance that can begin in a human body physiologically. Symptoms don’t show up unless the level of imbalance reaches a peak. Similarly, a problem seems minuscule unless the aftermath is as devastating as leaving a permanent scar on a beautiful face.

The more ‘makeup’ ( avoiding a frank handling) to hide the pimple(the problem) will only make the face(organization) look less like itself and artificial. When I began my career in physical therapy in India, I had no clue what it was all about.Today seven years later, I know why India is still not a leader in it.

We didn’t make the first computer. Nor did we write the first code for programming. We barely had a world class business school. Yet, today India in undoubtedly the largest supplier of IT intelligence to the world. Ever wondered Why?

We had the right people guiding us the less walked path.We had India’s middle class working towards the dream of living in a more comfortable India where there was more employment and better education.

The ‘pimple’ that I write about is the attitude of the medical sector we have here in India. The ‘pimple’ of professionals who let their intelligence to be sold and don’t care if they are mishandled and less respected. The ‘pimple’ of those who make money with hard work of another professional under the garb of professional ethics and legal loopholes.

Often times people ask me , “How is the field ‘there’ ?”
There = USA

I rudely want to say, it is good because they value their hard work and don’t sell themselves to make money. But the hypocrite in me says , “Yeah, it’s good. Same as in India.” and I know that is a blatant lie.The NIDIA inside me is shrieking in horror at the false answers I give to people when they ask me about the western world and work ethics.

The Western world respects hard workers.
The rules are not ‘talked about’.They are implemented meticulously.
The legalities are ‘taken care of’ not exploited.
Knowledge is shared ‘unconditionally’ never sold selectively.

Yesterday I walked out of an organization smiling with my heart content about the lesson I’ve learnt. And I am going to share it with the world, specially the Indian world and especially the Physio Indian World. There will be a new series of write ups I will share under the title Share and Care 2012 (all dedicated to the Indian Physiotherapists).

I care, I share but I ask you, Do you Dare?

PS: OD=Organizational Development and HRD= Human Resource Development

With all my honest prayers for the physio world,



8 thoughts on “I care and share.Do you Dare?

  1. I was so sure that your decision to quit was genuine when you told me, that I immediately congratulated you before asking anything else about it. šŸ™‚
    Cheers to that again!

    Getting back to the subject of this post, I’ve never been to the US. But from what I have learnt from people and other sources, I always believe that if there is anything that we can adapt from the US, or from any western country for that matter, it is discipline and accountability.
    I wonder if we, Indians, will ever be able to understand the fact that we can adapt those qualities without any cultural transformation.


  2. Akemi says:

    I totally love the way you write and the how it connects with each one of us. All I can say is keep writing. Love your work ! Keep it up whatever it takes you


  3. ksrumc says:

    examine changing the caption “I care n share, Do you Dare”.

    nice one, thought provoking, as usual…continue to nurture the thoughts….stand on your own legs….gather similar minds….examining starting an NGO to implement the various thoughts of yours with the hellp and assistance of like minded people…during the development stage allocate a part of your time for developing the NGO….all the best ….


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