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Share & Care II

This one has got no location and time. So I will call it,

‘Once Upon a Time A Nation’

Photograph: PA Downtown on beautiful summer evening.

These thoughts have been with me for years now. Then, I was a student and an employee. So ethically, it wasn’t right to write an analysis about an organization. I always looked for excuses to stay away from writing on this topic. Seven years later, now, I feel there is a strong need for an analysis to be presented to the Indian Physical Therapy world. Not that they don’t know of it.

But to insist that they be aware of it .

A very few people who frequent my blog know that I am Physical Therapist by profession.Jussri.com is a result of the struggle I went through to survive that education system.So I would like to devout some of my scribble space for it.For years now, I was under pressure to be careful about what I write and how it would reflect my career prospects. Lest that I would be understood as a rebel who is always pointing fingers.The fear always stemmed from my well wishers who didn’t want anymore trouble for me.

But today, I know why it is important to be fearless about my scribbles.The places where I studied and worked are both well known ‘brands’ in the industry here in South India. One an organization as old as India’s Independence and another, a mushrooming growth of India’s fitness industry.

Q & A Session

Why did I join these organizations?
Because they brandished a lot of ‘genuineness’ in their branding

What I wanted to learn from them?
To learn from them the ‘genuineness’ they flaunted.

What I got to learn?
That real growth is in letting others grow and it seldom happens in these places.

All these criteria are very obsolete now a days.
For many years now, I felt educational institutions alone had the ultimate responsibility in sculpting a professional’s attitude towards one’s profession.But moving on to be an employee, looking at things from close quarters, I understood that it wasn’t entirely correct.

In the last 3-4 years, India has been witnessing a revolutionary growth in the demand of rights for physios across the country. Demands vary from government jobs to prefix titles to be permitted for PTs.I ask only one question.

Are we asking the right questions?

What did NIDIA find very unsettling in the Physio world here in India after having seen the other side of the globe and it’s professionals?
Few facts which are clear examples of unethical professional practices:

People are forced to start their new jobs without even having an offer letter.It is a rarity to have a standard induction procedure for a new employee of the company.
Lack of transparency in monetary transactions.
People are forced to ‘transform’ and become ‘ethical’ (which means that you bend your mind and accept their philosophy irrespective of it’s moral accuracy).
Endure all sorts of inhuman attitudes from the management under the pretext of managerial pressures.
While Anna Hazare is stirring the nation’s youth into corruption fighting army, here is India’s youth, Kalam’s young army, exploiting the local administration at all levels to ensure the company runs well and makes it’s end day profit figure.

What alarmed me was the indifference of these professionals towards their progressive, ‘holistic’ deterioration as professionals in this mad run to ‘impress’ the management.

What is happening in India?Private owned single proprietorship companies surviving the turn of the millennium, exploiting the ‘cheap labour’ of small town professionals whose ultimate goal is to have job security.

My heart goes out for these physiotherapists who work under exploited conditions for unbelievably long hours and are paid a pittance.The salaries are reasonably higher than what the market offers.

Please don’t begin the debate of financial security and poor families. The ones who really hail from the families that have valued hard work and honesty for generations, never ‘sell’ themselves disrespecting their own knowledge.They treasure the wisdom they are blessed with. Those ones are still striving to elevate their professional standards and at the same time are trying to be of use to the society with their skill set.

About 8 weeks ago, I was debating on a social networking site about Infosys-selling minds-at cheaper costs blah blah blah. But I so respect Mrs & Mr Murthy for living a simple life(minus the business scenario where he didn’t super encourage young research minds). I don’t know their property details or how they live. But simplicity jumps out of their personalities and it is truly inspiring.

When my fellow physios asked me why I wasn’t a member of some national organisation or why wasn’t I working as a physio in India, this was my reason. I’d rather share my knowledge freely with the people around me in little possible ways than to sell my hard work to degrade the profession more.

Before we raise a voice and question the Government for our rights, look around what organisations we are encouraging. Look where we are standing and where are we holding our respect as professionals.

If money making was the only goal and incentives were our only target, there are many other professions where we can get more rich.Don’t yell at the Government. Yell within ourselves. Look within for answers.

When I walked out because I couldn’t compromise on my ethics and my way of being a physio, I was asked to give back my one month’s of pittance.

It wasn’t about the $148 dollars I returned without a single second thought.

What pulled me down and crashed my hopes about Physical Therapy in India was the way the entire experience unfolded.

I had the courage and security to say no to money despite working hard for more than 20 days averaging about 10 hours a day. What about the ones who cannot lose even those $148 despite facing unprofessional work environments?

I care and I share. But I no longer dare.Here’s bidding a bye bye to all the pessimism I have been engulfed with for so many weeks.
Thank you for all the constant encouragement and support which is helping me become a better person with each passing day.

I remain,



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