NIDIA 12 – Why being kind matters today..


One random act of kindness,

A God sent bundle of brightness,

I will always remember, and  vow to pay it forward with splendor. 


When: Last week

Where: Dallas North Tollway & Hyderabad, India

Rarely do I enjoy reading blogs that are anonymous. Obviously I avoid writing anonymous ones on my website. But last week, a person that I never met in my life went out of their way to help me. I would like to dedicate this post to them. The joy of receiving help when you least expect it is unexplainable. What makes people go out their way to help others? I always asked myself this question. Fast forward from last week’s random act of kindness, I was talking to my dad yesterday. Well, I talk to him almost everyday you see! 😉 . I was complaining to my father how I was unhappy to interact with one particular person on my school campus on a regular basis. My dad let me complain once and right at the time when I was beginning to rant, he cut me short. My father worked in a public sector company for over 35 years. He excelled in his job. He was the ‘go-to’ guy for anyone in need of help for banking or financial advice. He did not have a fancy degree. He never got educated abroad. What helped him work his way up in the organization? What made him the best among his peers? When my dad cut me short before I began ranting, he was quite annoyed. He was annoyed because we talked about this always. By writing about it, I am trying to teach myself to never forget it. My dad said to me,

“Padmini!! Just stop speaking right now!!!  How many times have I told you that complaining doesn’t help! You have to put up a brave front and keenly record how this person is behaving with you. You record so that you never do it anyone else. You record it so that you never want the same thing to happen to someone else under your watch. That is what I did exactly from day one of my job. I never hurt anyone who worked under my watch with the same things that hurt me. That is the reason so many people love me!”  

The last line he spoke and the pride with which he stated it made me clear my mind in one second. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, being randomly kind to people makes them happy. It makes life easy for someone who could use a helping hand just that day. That gentle push, that firm pat on their back. Much needed hope in tough times. That is all that people need. I teach a bunch of freshman kids in school. A lot of people, much higher in authority to me tried ‘brainwashing’ me that freshman kids are tough to handle. They are rude. They will make your life as a teaching assistant hell. They have bad attitudes!! The list is endless. I will disagree with them all. These kids are the best ones in the world. They or anyone around us need just a little bit of kindness. A gentle dose of random kindness that will make them smile. You will be amazed at the miracles they can deliver. My dad went out of his way whenever he could perform a random act of kindness. Today when I am surrounded by people who are randomly kind to me, I know it the same kindness that my dad sent out into this world that is coming back to me in a different form. Thank you daddy. I will never forget this one. Will always put it into practice.


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  1. Ch.Kanaka sundaram says:

    Thank u for understanding the old buddy….keep practicing as far as possible and try to excel in the area


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