NIDIA 17 – Enigma of India’s Education Problems: Possible Solution? You decide!

Reform in India’s Education System will be a reality only when more teachers feel encouraged to participate in the planning activities organized by Government agencies (both state and central).

Below is the brief overview of the pain and mistreatment that was meted out to a group of educators from around the country at #NCERT. If you are wondering what #NCERT is, please click here  (~If you completed your schooling in India, I am sure you used NCERT textbooks every now and then)


I was introduced to Ram  by an American professor when I was looking for professionals serving individuals with disabilities (IWD) in India. Ram has been working to empower individuals with #Autism through #Arts4Autism for years now. For most of us who don’t know a lot about the education industry, the financial remuneration is never high in these fields. [Read fields= ones that directly and indirectly service individuals with disabilities (IWD)] . I don’t know a single genuine teacher who is financially a millionaire for:

  • loving their students regardless of who they are and where they come from.
  • for being creative and helping each one of their students succeed.
  • for going beyond their job descriptions to ensure that their students get the best of everything that can be made available to them.

Complaining that India’s Education System is not great, not up to date, will not help…. I have heard these being said for years now. Oh god! you don’t know how much I complained for years. Ask the people that share my life. But all along those years I never stopped finding solutions. I never gave up. I sucked my anger and disgust in. Every time I faced an insult, a discrimination, I swallowed it in and chugged along (while also endlessly yapping about it to my loved ones)because I know I can’t change haters. I know I can’t change the way cynics express their endless doubts. I know I cannot stop people from choosing money over service.

I can only work hard to get to a position where I can start being the change.

Scores of Indians are working in many professions to serve #IWD in India. When I read updates like Ram’s, I am pained beyond words. In today’s digital era where discussions are all so ‘electronic’ and ‘eternal’, I can’t afford to be angry. I can’t afford to be rude no matter how disturbing the facts are.

I will forever work to be a good teacher.

A teacher who will care. A teacher who will be fair

I don’t want to write harsh things about organizations/agencies (referring to NCERT here) that will decide the fate of my students and future education in India. So I will only beg and plead from the citizens of India to get involved in spreading the word. One thing to remember is that reform and improvements take several years of selfless work from teachers, students and parents everyone.

So if you are one of those Indians who complained about our education system, please share this and spread the word to start making a change. If you ask me how will sharing this make NCERT or similarly functioning agencies to change their behavior, I will say this:

A crime that is unreported will always leave a criminal on the street to attack  their next victim. Please don’t let this incident be forgotten. Read through Ram’s narration of his experience, put yourself in his place and tell me, ” Can you survive in a profession that will treat you like that?” I am sure this is not the first time this happened to a teacher in India. And yes, if it is indeed the first, it should be the last. No one deserves it.

This article is a part of my advocacy efforts for #inclusiveindia.

Only when we have happy teachers and educational administrators will we have successful reforms. Please help me join forces for this cause.

~ Jussri aka SriPadmini Chennapragada (30th July 2015).