Avoiding the “L”

wondering whatz with the banner ? 😉

sometimes may b things do have to get going so good 🙂

today seems to be such a great day …just bac home from a stupid session of exam that i ruined in a great manner….

and the “swagatham” gift on returning home is a power cut ….the sunz having a great day out and am for sure not enjoying it…

ten more days to go for another session of exams…. hope i  don ruin them too…. 😉

and if u think what is it that i am trying to say for the past mins….

i was just trying to avoid the “L”
coz itz my bro’s great “L”aptop with no “L” on it…and i was trying to avoid ending up with some ske”L”eta”L” disorder for my index finger tryng to hit it on so many times…. was testing if  can try writing any thing for some time without the “L”

Ironic isn’t??? , was trying to avoid “L” thtz so prominent in words that run n fue”L” us….

“L”IFE and “L”OVE


Have a cheerfu”L” evening…

am sti”LL” Learning to b”L”og…bear with my nonsense  😉