Classic Carnatics to Mesmerising Mass Beats.

Every day I settle down to write the daily post, I begin to wonder what I will be writing about. Had a sumptuous Sunday meal just now J.Well the menu’s a typical telugu  one (keeping in view the number of overseas friends and relatives who read my entries daily i keep away from writing it’s details 😉 )Last night was tough with power cut, but see it is technology again that has saved me .I had my laptop fully charged and the saved playlists saved me.

How time stands still when music takes over....

How time stands still when music takes over....

Music has always been an integral part of my life. And the genre spans over a huge range. Nothing in particular like a favourite artist or band. Most of the times, language is no barrier- Latin beats to carnatic classical, everything entices me.  But ya M S amma’s rendering of the timeless carnatic music  always is a divine solace for me. While I have continued to train myself always in rendering vocal music  I always selected the versions to be either carnatic or telugu light music.

But when it came to something that kept my mood upbeat or lifted my spirits, the choice has always been too shocking for people who know me. To all the readers who are familiar with telugu music my choice of songs always revolves around mass and folk beats.36-24-36 , aakalesthe annam pedtha, and nuv whistle esthe Andhra soda.. J)

It startles me when I hear my peer group speak of Akon , Linking Park and whatever.They never attracted my ears as much as these local “mana” beats attracted my attention. And ya I do listen to foreign bands too 😀 But they are a bit oldies. ABBA and Boney M . Ya! My choice of things has always been different from my counterparts.My friends and relatives always make fun of my choice of music. But I feel music transcends barriers of language,genre and importantly TIME  for me.It is something that makes me forget my worries, soothes my tense nerves and importantly permits me to learn it so that I can sing it to myself whenever I feel like. One reason as to why the typical popular bands and music don’t  appeal to me is, the lack of clarity in music and lyrics.Though all the bands don’t  give music like head banging stuff, I don’t feel relaxed singing a slang filled English number that has more of words that vent out the frustration in the singer than give some solace to the singer. May be the music  can transport me away from my low spirits or something for sometime, but it doesn’t give me any peace of mind.

 How singers put in their heart and soul into the song to make it such a great masterpiece itself wonders me. I always feel How time stands still for me when musicz plugged in  !!!