This article connects two locations and a lot of people.The general rule I have for myself and this blog is to avoid taking names of people and places as much as I can. So there wont be many details in this one πŸ™‚

A month ago or so, I missed getting into international headlines by may be a few inches. May be they would have read something like, Graduate student from India killed in a road crash. Fast forward few weeks, come across the world to the east and I meet with a road traffic accident. I don’t fancy describing the way I fell and the details.They are really not joy spreading things to write about. But my life definitely flashed across my mind. I thought God! this is it! Am dead! Crashing into a side walk at one of the busiest junctions of a city, definitely wasn’t the most pleasurable thing.

Standing on a busy road with blood all over my feet and bruises all across my joints, I felt strong! For the intensity with which I fell, I was to surely die. But I didn’t. When I was able to reach the hospital and I sat in the casualty room , I was beaming with joy to have survived it. But once the excitement of survival died, I realized how horrible the pain was.

One nurse goes about with the typical first aid measures. In comes another to take down my details. There is a lady standing close by to my bed, attending to her elderly mother in law on the next bed. The nurse asked me a series of questions. I told her I am a physical therapist. The minute this lady heard me mention it, she sprang to her feet and came by my bed. She began asking me how I fell and then moved on to explain her problem to me. She was about 50 years old and from the way she explained her problem, I understood she had heel pain. The nurse was working on my foot and I go on talking to her about her problem and what could give her relief. Fifteen minutes later I am fit to leave to home and this lady pats my head and tells me that she was trying to keep me busy! Her heel pain is celebrating it’s fifth anniversary this month and like it’s commonly said, ” A veteran patient is better than an experienced doctor!” She knew quite a lot about her problem. I remember her smiling at me when I was telling her how to feel better! Now I understand why she was smiling at me πŸ™‚

Her presence of mind in trying to make me feel comfortable in pain and her warm smile left me dumbstruck.She patted my head affectionately and left. She didn’t erase my pain. She just comforted me in my pain by the best way she could. I never asked her name. I don’t think I will ever see her. But she will always be around in my life with the wonderful example she set for caring and affection. May be another, Maria who I might never see in my life again.

I have heard life and death being discussed quite a lot before. There are too many opinions, theories and reasons that are given when it comes to death. Theories and opinions apart, the minute I was able to stand up, pick up my phone and call my people, I realized one thing which I will remember for the rest of my life.

To count my blessings and thank my people who pray for me each day. Ask me to name the God they pray to! I don’t think I have any names to give. They believe in goodness of human life and in counting their blessings when kindness crosses their lives. They believe in smiling at each pain and saying this is God’s will to make them strong. I gather my strength from them, and lead my life by the examples they’ve set for me.

Some incidents are the most humbling experiences in the world. In the span of two months, I have experienced two such incidents. And when my life flashed in front of me, it was worth all the watching πŸ™‚


Why am I in love again….

I must accept I am very indisciplined when it comes to blogging. Never mind coz I haven’t signed up any contracts πŸ˜€ Β  Last few weeks in my life have been so normal and peaceful that I sometimes ask my siblings to pinch me to feel it is all so real. From the day I have landed in this country I have been coming across so many new things that the list goes endless.

I just love the almost zero pollution environment here.

The traffic discipline!!!! amazingly depressing…sometimes i feel like walking out of the car running away. I know i know the safety first thing …so good about it but ya i miss the hyderabadi autowallah’s torture turns . You can be sure to end up on a hospital bed even if you are following traffic rules πŸ™‚ . Here your saved from that .

The houses how perfectly planned and lined up they are!! I feel the best part about them being like that is how much ever junk you dump around , the houses still look great!So ideal for someone like me.

The way some stranger on the side walk looks into your face and wishes you a hi how are you doing today with a sunshine smile..

The way people binge on tempting calorie filled foods and the way they just rush to the gym to burn it all out. Balancing acts huh!!! πŸ™‚ Β Just the way they sit back and enjoy life unlike so many of us who are always on a run to achieve things than accomplish them.

The way you can take up any hobby that appeals to you just by walking into a store. The way they stack up their stores meticulously. Ah!! how I dream of a day when I can wake up and become a carpenter when I want to make frames for my photo works. (the outcome doesnt matter you get to try your hand at it atleast buddy)

I hate to compare it all with anything back home just for some reasons like how much we lag behind when compared with them.

WE have a very small piece of land with too many humans eating out of it.

So with no comparisons I can say I just am in love with this nation for many more reasons. The list will never end.

I shall scribble again!!! See ya…